Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Safety Patrol Information

Fifth grade students wishing to sign up for safety patrol for the 2nd nine week rotation may do so by visiting Mrs. Lincoln's Safety Patrol Website, and completing the form.  Fifth grade students wishing to be considered for safety patrol must complete the online form by Friday, October 3rd.  If you would like more information about safety patrol including dates the patrollers serve and school safety patrol policies, please visit the Mrs. Lincoln's Safety Patrol Website on Mrs. Lincoln’s site.  There is also a link for Safety Patrol on the left-hand side of the Paine Intermediate homepage.  If you have any questions regarding Safety Patrol, please contact Mrs. Lincoln or Mrs. Naylor, at niki.lincoln@trussvillecityschools.com or christy.naylor@trussvillecityschools.com.


Niki Lincoln & Christy Naylor

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week of September 22

Mon, September 22
H Day

5th Gr Classes to Camp McDowell (Minisman, Moore, Summers)

Dismissal @ 2:00

Tues, September 23
A Day

5th Gr Classes to Camp McDowell (Almon, Bramlett, Lewis, Perry, M Wright)

Book Fair Family Night

Wed, September 24
B Day
5th Gr Classes to Camp McDowell (Brasher, Dahlke, M Long)

3rd Grade Assembly 8:15

Thurs, September 25
C Day
5th Gr Classes to Camp McDowell (Brandon, Darnell, McLaughlin)

4th Gr Assembly 8:15

Book Fair Family Night

Fri, September 26
D Day
5th Gr Assembly 8:15

Friday Freeze

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chick-fil-A Spirit Day!

Paine Intermediate Chick-fil-A Spirit Day

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Dine-In    Carry-Out    Drive-Thru

Ask the cashier to keep the receipt for Paine Intermediate School

15% of receipts go back to our school!

Offer valid only at the Trussville location 

Head Lice Information

September is Attendance Awareness Month, so this is the perfect time to share head lice prevention information with parents.  Head lice can cause unnecessary absenteeism from school, and the best way to prevent that is to be proactive!  Take a minute to visit http://www.babycenter.com/0_how-to-tell-if-your-child-has-head-lice_66430.bc#articlesection2 for an excellent video on how to identify and properly treat head lice.  Should you have any questions, you may contact the school nurse at 228-3314.

Three Steps in Treating Head Lice

Carefully read and follow product information exactly.  Do not use too much or too little of the product.
Do not treat family members or contacts who do not have head lice.
Call your doctor or pharmacist for advice on selecting a lice killing product if your child has asthma or is allergic to ragweed or chrysanthemums.
Do not use lice killing products on infants, pregnant or nursing mothers.  Call your physician for advice.
Do not treat pets.  Head lice cannot survive on pets.
Apply lice killing products to dry hair.  Apply as the child leans over the sink.  Do not apply in a bathtub or shower.
Avoid exposing the rest of the child’s body to the lice killing products.
Provide a towel to cover eyes.  Do not use lice killing products near the eyes.

Although it takes time and is usually difficult, remove all nits for complete treatment.  Dead nits cling to the hair and cause uncertainty about new lice.
Most products do not kill all the nits. Survivors will hatch into crawling lice within seven to ten days, creating a cycle of new lice.
Settle your child in a chair to read a book or to watch a video when removing nits.
A fine-toothed comb is helpful, but many nits will have to be stripped away from the hair shaft.
Grasp nits between the fingers and slide them off the hair shaft.
Place nits into a plastic bag.  Secure the bag tightly before placing into the garbage.
If nits are slid off the hair and into tissues, they can be flushed down the toilet.
Nits can also be snipped off each hair strand with blunt scissors.  However, it is not necessary to cut a child’s hair.
Most lice killing products require a second treatment in 7-10 days to kill any newly hatched lice before they mature and reproduce.
Check your child’s hair daily for nits/lice for several weeks after treatment.

Machine wash all washable clothing and bed linens which have been in contact with the infested person during the last three days.  Articles should be washed in HOT water and dried in a HOT dryer. Non-washables should be dry cleaned.
Combs and brushes should be soaked in a lice killing shampoo for one hour and then rinsed with hot water.
Articles that cannot be washed or dry cleaned can be sealed in plastic bags for 14 days then removed and dusted for any dead nits or lice.
Rugs, upholstered furniture, and mattresses (and any other personal items that cannot be washed) should be carefully vacuumed to pick up any living lice or nits attached to fallen hairs.
Insecticide sprays should not be used because they may be harmful to family members and pets and are of questionable benefit.
Vacuum and damp wipe the interior of cars and infant seats.
Parental cooperation will help control the problem.

Student Led Assemblies

Throughout the school year, Paine Intermediate hosts student-led assemblies to highlight outstanding student achievements like Students of the Month and Leaders of the Month.  Parents of students who will be recognized at an assembly are sent letters inviting them to the event.  The invitation also includes specific information regarding time of arrival and parking.  It is important for parents to carefully read and follow the instructions so that we don't cause unnecessary traffic delays nor create parking problems for teachers and staff.  

Parents may park on the ring road, but must not arrive until 8:00 A.M. or later. Parking in the front parking lot is staff parking only.  Parents must enter the back of the school and should not enter the building until after 8:00 am.  All visitors for the assemblies will be routed to the back of the building.  

If parents should arrive early, they should park at Amerex, in the vehicle parking lot, NOT where the buses or trailers are parked. They should not enter through the school's front office, only through the rear of school.  A member of our staff will be at the back door to greet parents and assist them in signing in.  

We look forward to hosting these events that build confidence in our students and help them celebrate their accomplishments.  Arriving at 8:00 or later and parking along the ring road will help us have a successful assembly. 

Gr 3 Assembly - September 24
Gr 4 Assembly - September 25
Gr 5 Assembly - September 26

Book Fair Information

Paine Intermediate’s Fall Book Fair is Almost Here!

Paine Intermediate's Fall Book Fair is coming soon...
September 22nd - September 26th. Volunteer for a time slot to help our students find great books!

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Williamson –christi.williamson@trussvillecityschools.com

Sunday, September 14, 2014